Makai Activities


Makai Activities

Lobster Pull

Hop onto the kayaks or standup paddleboards and head out to check the lobster traps for a lobster or two. Chef Ben & his team will be on standby to prepare the catch of the day.

Shoreline Fishing

Learn the different fishing disciplines that the locals practice when shoreline fishing along with information on locations, moon phases, and Hawaiian fishing traditions.

He‘e Hunt

It takes years of experience to effectively hunt for He‘e, Hawaiian Octopus. October thru December is high season for these local delicacies and we take you along for a crash course in finding these masters of disguise.

SUP Surfing

Time to take the next step in SUP-ing. Head out into the lineup and learn how to surf a standup paddleboard.

Kayak Fishing

The trolling and bottom-fishing along Po‘ipu is easily accessible by kayak. A quick paddle out to the outer reefs and ledges puts you in a great spot for fishing action.

Beach Cruise

Kaua‘i has more than 50 miles of beach surrounding the island. Let us introduce you to a new beach to experience and add to your list of favorites.

Throw Net Fishing

Learn the ancient art of throw net fishing along our coastline. With a little luck, you'll catch lunch for the culinary team to prepare and share it with your family and friends.

Soft-Topping & Longboarding

We pull out the soft-top boards and longboards and head out to the break for a fun, introductory surf session for all skill levels.


Whether its Samoan Crab in the rivers or Haole & Kona Crabs in the ocean, the team has a few secret spots that make for some heightened anticipation as you pull the traps up.