Brian Paul - Kukui`ula Head Golf Professional

Brian Paul, Kukuiula's head golf professional, played every team sport he could as a boy. But everything changed one day when he was just 15 years old. "I broke my tibia playing basketball and wouldn't be able to play any sport that required running or jumping, which is pretty much all of them," he says. "My dad took me out to the local golf course one day and it was love at first sight."

Brian, who earned his chops at the Mayacama Golf Club in Sonoma and the StoneTree Club in Marin County, loves the Kukuiula course. "Get creative around the greens," he advises first time players. "Don't automatically select a wedge when playing short shots around the greens. This is a perfect environment for hitting low running chips and bump and run shots. I think it adds a lot of options to your game and rewards creative players."

Of course, if that doesn't work, you can just admire the landscaping. "On almost every hole at Kukuiula something grows that can be eaten or worn," says Brian. "From macadamia trees to pineapple to lychee orchards to crown flower forests, the golf course celebrates the tropical vibrancy of Kauai."

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