Our Team

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    It is my pleasure to provide you an overview of what it's like to work at The Club at Kukui`ula.

    You may be drawn to the majestic beauty of the place, our reputation as being one of Hawaii's best employers, or perhaps the opportunity to perform your craft at your highest level. One thing I do know is that once you experience being a member of our Kukui`ula work team you will certainly be drawn to your co-workers. Warm, caring, authentic is how our team is often described by our members, and by each other. Our company is small enough to be an intimate work experience where we all get to know each other personally, yet large enough with resources to provide for great benefits, pay and working conditions.

    We are in the business of providing memorable experiences and highly personalized levels of customer service. Our team members work in a variety of areas, and in a variety of positions, including at our Plantation House, Golf Club, Spa, Kitchen, Pool, Farm, Golf Course and Landscape Maintenance, and Office Administration. Regardless of what role is performed, one thing is certain, we all strive to be the very best that we can be, and we work on it together. With warm regards,

    Nicholas Gold
    General Manager

Our Employees

Our employees say that working here is unique, special, rewarding; sometimes these kinds of sentiments are best communicated directly. We offer you the following testimonials from a selection of employees, in their own words.

A Commitment to Excellence,

In our employees own words…

"I want to make a difference in the beauty of my working environment. I continue my loyalty and hard work, always going above and beyond"

"I absolutely love this company and my co-workers and will strive to be a positive roll model for all"

"I'll try to do my best to all I can for our members"

"I will continue to strive to improve in all my work endeavors and am proud to make a contribution…"

"Everyone has the same love for the club as I do and we all work together to make a special environment for the members"

"My goal is to learn everybody's style in order to meet a better result of work and a better team work"


Our Members

Our members enjoy interacting with our employees

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    "Years ago when many of our families learned of the plans for this place we were told about the physical layout of the property and what was to come; the beautiful clubhouse, relaxing swimming pools, ultimate golf course, rejuvenating spa, invigorating fitness center, and unique neighborhoods. What we did not know then, but have come to appreciate the MOST about this place,are all of you! Every one of you is a treasure.

    Whether it is a familiar or new face, each one of you brings something special to your job and to the uniqueness of this place. For that we are so grateful.

    Because of you, when our families prepare for a visit, we don't talk about what new addition has been built but rather how we are looking forward to reconnecting with all of you.

    Kukui'ula exudes a spirit of aloha because of each of you."

    Peter & Anne Anderson & 'ohana
    Palto Alto, California